The Texas e-Health Alliance is the state’s leading advocate,
from local communities to the national level, for the use of
information technology to improve the
health care system for patients.

TeHA’s industry expertise influences the entire health care ecosystem.

  • TeHA is a connecting point for health information technology stakeholders to come together and share ideas, gain insights, develop partnerships, and collaborate on solutions.
  • TeHA is a trusted advisor to elected officials and local, state and federal agencies that provides decision makers with objective and relevant feedback on policy and regulatory proposals.
  • TeHA is a venue that creates visibility and relevance for its membership by providing them with multiple opportunities for interaction with stakeholders, customers and partners.
  • TeHA is open to all stakeholders and is constantly seeking to add to the diversity and richness of the health information technology community.
  • TeHA promotes awareness and understanding that commercial health information technology delivers measureable economic value.