What is the Texas e-Health Alliance?

TeHA is a bipartisan, nonprofit organization committed to being our state’s leading advocate, from local communities to the national level, for the use of information technology to improve the health care system for patients.   We are:

  • A credible industry voice within our state, with a track record of positively impacting public policy.   

  • A forum- and a podium- for our members to contribute their individual voice to the broader conversation about HIT and health care.

  • A guide and a resource when our members are faced with regulatory uncertainty or a lack of information about the state’s HIT marketplace.

  • An active force in that marketplace- one that’s not just reporting the story but actually influencing the state’s policy framework and decision making process.  

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What Benefits do TeHA Members Receive?

The Texas e-Health Alliance is the premier entity that leaders in the Texas legislature, the Governor, and various state agencies refer to on matters related to all aspects ofe-health, from health information exchange to telemedicine to remote monitoring.

TeHA is also the leading resource on what’s happening in the e-health industry.  As “the” source for comprehensive information on state issues affecting health information exchanges, telemedicine, remote monitoring, and other e-health issues, TeHA puts you in the know and at the table to influence the ever evolving world of e-health.

TeHA provides various benefits to members including: advocating on behalf of e-health to the legislature and state agencies, providing timely news and updates to members, and facilitating communications efforts with the media and the general public.     TeHA members receive an email update on state level activities and developments every Friday, and during the Texas legislative sessions, members also receive an update on all the health information technology related activities at the state capitol.

  • TeHA’s advocacy ensures that member organizations have an effective and respected voice representing their interests within the state’s legislative and regulatory arenas.

  • TeHA members gain access to updates on emerging trends that impact the industry through educational sessions, expert presentations, and informational updates on e-health issues.

  • TeHA’s events provide extensive networking opportunities and opportunities for business development.

  • TeHA’s relationships with academic institutions and the Austin startup community allow our members to mentor and interact with early stage startup companies that are shaping the future of HIT.

Membership is open to companies working in health IT, as well as provider organizations, nonprofits, and other stakeholder groups.   We invite you to join the over 70 organizations that are defining the path forward, for our members and customers across the state of Texas, through collaboration and advocacy.  We welcome your participation.   For more information on becoming a member, go to our member signup page.